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Services for Library Communities 



Access to the library

Access to the Law Courts Library governed by the Library Rules [PDF, 20 KB]. Access is available on application to librarians qualified for admission as associates of the Australian Library and Information Association. 

To visit the library to use its resources, you will need to complete an application for an Access Card. An annual access fee usually applies. The Access Card enables you to enter the secure floor which houses the Law Courts Library, and to borrow items from the collection.

Access fees for libraries 2019/20

Access periodAccess card application form ​Fee
​Financial year

Application form [Word 27 KB]



Payment can be made by electronic funds transfer or credit card.  A surcharge of 0.4% is applied to credit card transactions.

If you lose your card, please make a written request for a replacement. There is a $81.90 fee to replace a lost card.



Access Card holders may borrow items from the collection. There is a fee of $18.70 per item. Payment can be made by credit card or electronic funds transfer. A surcharge of 0.4% is applied to credit card transactions.

The following items are not for loan:

  • looseleaf services
  • unreported judgments
  • Bills & Explanatory Memoranda
  • reprinted legislation
  • reference material
  • rare books
  • any other item marked 'restricted loan' or 'not for loan'

All material borrowed is subject to immediate return on request. Loans may be extended by telephone or in person. Overdue notices will be sent for any material not returned or renewed by the due date.


Inter library loans and document supply service

Please note that interlibrary loans are currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Law Courts Library will lend books and copy and supply other material from the Law Courts Library, excluding selected materials such as the rare books collection.

Payment must be made in advance. When a request is made, Library staff will confirm that the item can be supplied and then issue an invoice.

Payment can be made by credit card or electronic funds transfer.  A surcharge of 0.4% is applied to credit card transactions.


From 1 July 2021, the Library offers the following document supply service for unreported judgments:





The fee for supplying a judgment is set out in the Civil Procedure Regulation 2017 (NSW) Sch 1, Pt 5, item 6.


To request a judgment, please send an email with the following information:                

  • contact details
  • Judgment details: party names, court, judge (for single judge decisions), date

Other publications

The Library offers the following interlibrary loan and document supply services for publications in the library collection, including law reports, journal articles, book chapters etc. 

Service Fee
Express service
(2 hour turnaround, subject to staff capacity)

Copy: $56.10 per item
Loan: $71.30 per item
or article up to 25 pages*

Rush Service
(24 hour turnaround, subject to staff capacity)
Copy: $37.40 per item
Loan: $52.60 per item
or article up to 25 pages*

Core Service
(4 working days)
Copy: $18.70 per item
Loan: $28.80 per item
or article up to 25 pages*

* Add $4.40 for each additional 50 pages or part thereof.


Charges includes GST. Charges and turnaround times comply with Australian Interlibrary Resources Sharing Code (ILRS) standard rates. 

To request a library item or a copy of library material, please send an email with the following details

  • contact details
  • name of item / publication information
  • collection number of item
  • the type of service required (e.g. express)
  • copyright declaration

Under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), requests for all material except unreported judgments must include a copyright declaration. Please state in your email: 'This request complies with s 50 of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth)'.


Library tours, student visits and placements

Library tours may be arranged for special interest groups such as conference delegates. The Law Courts Library also hosts visits and placements from time to time for library and information students. Please contact us to make a request.